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A beautiful man, disguised and hurt
For all his dreams, they give him words
His quest of life, extends beyond
Beneath his feet, the world is numb

"Are we confined inside of dream?
The flame of life within our reach
Our souls at ease deceased would be
The time has come to be conceived
My faith is lost but still complete
No tears are she'd for you and me"

His faith was lost; his gods are dead
The sky above it gleams to death
Who lights the flame that once was doused
With tears of pledge and faithless vows

I was smothered not to praise my father in the sun
I was punished not to please my sisters in the stars
I was baptized not to honor my mother in the moon
I was murdered not to cherish my brothers made of snow

"Certain pleasures are forever we are raised in disbelief
Certain tortures are forever there is silence when we preach
Certain pleasures are forever we are feared and disbelieved
Certain tortures are forever can you satisfy my needs?"

I was slandered not to worship my father in the sun
I was beaten not to lust my sisters in the stars
I was branded not to touch my mother in the moon
I was vanquished not to love my brothers made of snow
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